10 Important Things you need to know about Gmail Accounts

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As a very useful and very popular email service provider, most likely everyone on the Internet uses it. But there are some things that people on the internet do not know about Gmail. In this article we are going to show you 10 tips and tricks that you did or did not know about Gmail. You will be able to use them anyway in your daily life. These simple tips and tricks will make using Gmail a lot easier and will unlock its full potential.

10 Important Things you need to know about Gmail Accounts

Can I Use Gmail Accounts for My Business Purpose

Gmail is one of the most popular email services. You can use Gmail features for your personal and business purposes. Using Gmail is easy and secure. Creating a Gmail or creating a google account as well is easy and safe. If you want to use Gmail for your business purpose, you might need bulk accounts. It’s easy to create a single account but when you need bulk gmail, it’s hard to create. But, you can buy bulk gmail accounts from gmail account service providers. Now, let’s read the below tips and tricks about Gmail accounts.

10 Tips and Tricks for Gmail

1. Schedule Email

By scheduling an email to send on a later date you can save a lot of time on your present date. Google has a feature to schedule your email to be sent on a later date. Mandatory email that must be sent to someone on a fixed date can be scheduled. This saves a lot of time. 

2. Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Google has a feature that enables you to use keyboard shortcuts. You can even make your own keyboard shortcut, by assigning buttons to different shortcuts.

3. Undo Send Feature

You have the power to undo send an email. Immediately after you send an email you can undo send your email within the next 30 seconds.

4. Self Deleting Emails

You can create a self deleting email which will delete itself after you have sent them to someone. Once they open the email they will get a timer. When the timer stops, the email will delete itself.

5. Pre-written Responses

You can create pre written responses by using Google's "Canned response" system. This will save a lot of time.

6. Email Snooze

You can snooze your Gmail notifications, to make your Gmail appear in a later chosen time.

7. Gmail Assistant

You can use Gmail payment and subscription features to set time and schedule your routine. This feature of Google will let you know when the time will come. That way you won't miss any of your planned activity.

8. Tab Feature

On Gmail you can set different tabs for your own convenience.

9. Chain Email

If you want to send email to multiple people all you have to do is have their Gmail ID on the "To" space.

10. Using Smart Compose to its Full Potential

Gmail has a feature that is called smart compose, which helps you finish your sentences for you. When you type a word or a letter it will start suggesting you words to complete your sentence. You can pick which word you want to write next and instead of writing, all you have to do is select. It makes composing email much faster.

Final words

We hope these 10 tricks help you on your daily Gmail use. We Hope our article showed you how to save your time on Gmail.

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