15 Things to Do in Lonavala – With Reviews and Google map

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Lonavala is generally the end of the week escape for the people groups of Mumbai and Pune. There is what should be done in Lonavala. All exercises and data has been referenced underneath

 1) Adventures at Dudhiware cascade

 Dudhiware cascade is an occasional monsoons cascade and is situated at Dudhiware town, 8 kilometers from Lonavala. This 2-level cascade falls at the stature of about approx 135 feet from a stone construction. One can partake in the excellence of Dudhiware cascade and rush of water rappelling, zip-lining, valley crossing, and so forth its streams are dynamic during the pinnacle storm season and are considered as probably the best thing to do in Lonavala. The solitary season for cascade rappelling is during the storm. As of now the streams and waterways run full and every one of the levels channel water into the cascade at the bluffs. One can Book an experience at Dudhiware cascade.

 2) Camping at Pawna Lake

 Pawna Lake, otherwise called Pawna Dam Reservoir. The supply is 23 km from Lonavala and is progressively getting well known as an excursion and campground for guests from Pune and Mumbai. This is one of the speedy end-of-the-week escapes and is considered probably the best thing to do in Lonavala. Setting up camp is one such experience where the spirit gets restored and loosened up in between the magnificent nature open in the entire season and for individuals of all age gatherings. Setting up camp in storms gives an ideal retreat. Dozing under the stars with a foundation score of crickets and a weak breeze packs the sluggishness out and fills it with new energy.

 Pawna Lake setting up camp is truly well known and draws in a ton of corporate and youthful campers. Tents are put around the outskirts of the lake and one can partake in the suppers and diversion on the waterfront. The foundation turns out to be enthusiastic with unrecorded music, a huge fire, games, and grill supper, transforming the evening into an ideal escape.


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 3) ATV ride and camel safari at lions point and Tiger point

A good ways off of 12 km from Lonavala rail route station. Lions point is a vantage point found halfway between Bhushi Dam and Amby Valley in Lonavala. It is one of the well-known perspectives focuses in Lonavala and furthermore among the must-visit puts in Lonavala.The view from Lion's point is lofty and all-encompassing. One would see many little cascades spouting out of the precarious bluffs grand Western Ghats, rich green cone-shaped slopes, and lakes around during rainstorm season. Photography here in the period of a rainstorm is the best thing to do in Lonavala at the end of the week. The dawn and nightfall see from here are entrancing. The truly flawless perspectives on a profound valley with lavish vegetation and various cascades make your heart think twice or two. Once up there, prepare yourself to confront exceptionally solid breezes.

 During a rainstorm, you will have an entrancing meeting with the mists streaming over and around you limiting permeability however augmenting the brilliant inclination you experience here. The spot, so, is a nature darling's definitive dream's objective.

 4) Get wet at Bhushi Dam

 Bhushi Dam is quite possibly the most well-known place of interest in Lonavala. It's 5 km from the Lonavala rail route station. In the rainstorm as water spouts over the means of the dam, it looks practically like a counterfeit cascade, rich green slopes, the sound of spouting water, twittering of birds, and generally lovely climate makes it an absolute necessity visit place of interest in Lonavala.

 Bhushi Dam manages the cost of some shocking perspectives to the vacationers consistently, particularly in the long periods of the rainstorm. Swimming is restricted in this dam however getting wet in the spilling over water is the best thing to do in Lonavala.

 5) Paragliding at Kamshet

 A widely acclaimed place with profoundly ideal conditions for paragliding is situated in the municipality of Kamshet. Kamshet has found 45 km from Pune and 18 km from the Lonavala downtown area. It is effectively open by the National Highway 4 or by rail line. Kamshet's geology is profoundly reasonable for paragliding and other experiential activities. It is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range with many take-offs focuses...

 Kamshet Paragliding is likewise honored with low tall slopes that give a ton of level spaces for a simple arrival. The climate in Kamshet is likewise appropriate for paragliding and stays that way for most of the year. Kamshet can offer incredible things for the fledgling just as club pilots.

 6) Paragliding at Pawna Lake

 It's 25 km from Lonavala. An absolute necessity visit objective for experience sweethearts, paragliding here allows you to partake in a superb trip over Pawna Dam. In addition, watching the nightfall at the skyline as you fly like a kite, is absolutely something thrilling to do approach Lonavala.

 Paragliding assists you with breaking the chains of gravity and clear a path for the skies. It's not just about paragliding, it's the manner in which you take a gander at life! Book your drive around at Pawna Lake.

 7) Trek up to duke’s nose

 Duke's Nose is a mainstream milestone situated around seven kilometers from the interesting town of Lonavala which is a well-known Hill Station in the locale of Pune. The name Duke's Nose was gotten from the Duke of Wellington, whose nose took after the state of the precipice. Local people call it Naagphani or the Cobra's Hood, again passing by the state of the precipice. The district is colossally well known for climbing and its beautiful area. Sightseers frequently visit the milestone to get an all-encompassing perspective on the lovely Sahyadri Ranges, the breathtaking valleys, and the thick timberlands that cover the Sahyadris. The milestone frequently fills in as an ideal excursion spot for sightseers investigating Lonavala. Traveling up here is something daring to do in Lonavala.

 8) Trek up to the Lohagad and Visapur

 Lonavala or say Mawal is a fortune of lovely mountains and fortresses. Lohagad stronghold and Visapur fortress are likewise situated around 10 km from Lonavala. Lohagad is perhaps the best fortress to visit during any season. Lohagad stronghold is associated with Visapur post which is additionally a decent traveling place in the event that you have the opportunity to cover both the fortresses in a single day.

 Visapur stronghold is bigger and at a higher height than its twin fortress Lohagad. These are exceptionally simple journeys and surprisingly an amateur traveler ought not to have any issues. At Lohagad, there are just advances and less measure of journeying is required while the trip to Visapur fortification is something incredible to accomplish for the experienced fan in Lonavala.

 9) Trek up to the Rajmachi fortress

 Experience the immaculate nature just at Rajmachi. Situated in the core of Lonavala. A good ways off of 15 km from Lonavala. Rajmachi fortress is an old post arranged in the Pune area.

 A little before June or the beginning of the South-West storm, fireflies in the evening are a fascination at Rajmachi. Notwithstanding, Rajmachi fortification is a lovely recorded stronghold arranged in excellent regular environmental elements. It is an objective worth visiting any time during the year. Journeying up to the highest point of the fortress is the truly invigorating thing to do in Lonavala.

 During stormy season, from mid-June to end-September, Rajmachi is at its best with mists, shimmering streams, cascades, and green glades for what it's worth.

 10) Tikona stronghold journey

 Tikona additionally is known as Vitandgad is the predominant slope fortress in Mawal. It is situated close to Kamshet around 24 km from Lonavala. The 3500ft high slope is pyramidal fit and the name Tikona signifies 'Three-sided'.

 The post is a traveling objective noted for huge entryways, the sanctuary of 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev', seven water tanks, and Satvahan caves. There is a sanctuary inside the cavern which is the primary fascination of the past alongside the water reservoir. The passage to the passageway of the stronghold is a bit steep with bent steps. One can get the eye-getting perspectives on the Pawna Dam and the posts at Visapur, Tung, and Lohagad. So, Taking an astounding perspective from the post is one of is activities in Lonavala.

 11) Eat Chikki and Fudges exuberant

 Lonavala, the place that is known for pleasant slopes is likewise similarly renowned for nearby fudge and chikki. There are not many extremely well-known chikki and fudge-producing stores like Live Fudge Factory, Cooper's chikki, and fudge, Maganlal chikki, and so on Eating delicious fudge is something to be thankful for to attempt.

 12) Boating at Malavandi Lake

 Making time on the water is among the most loved sporting thing to do during summers. The choice excellence of the shining water under the sky can be completely celebrated exclusively by sailing experience and Malavandi Lake close to Pawna Dam serve you such experience of drifting. Malavan is situated at 5.1 km from Pawna Dam and 23 km from Lonavala.

 13) Kayaking at Pawna Lake

 However kayaking has gradually acquired prominence among the experience local area, it is as yet a movement that is outside the standard in India. It remains as opposed to a serious game. By the by, presently kayaking is accessible at Pawna lake and one of the new activities in Lonavala.

 Everybody should encounter kayaking at Pawna Lake since it very well may be so tranquil, yet you are not too far off in nature. Be that as it may, taking up kayaking can have all the more long-haul advantages to your physical and mental prosperity than you understand.

 14) Experience the entire experience pack at Della Adventure Park

 Experience India's just Swoop swing (100ft), India's longest flying fox (1250ft), 5 sorts of zorbing, and 700cc Yamaha raptor ATV just at Della Adventure, Lonavala. Ensure you don't pass up adrenaline-siphoning experience exercises like Archery, Rocket ejector, motocross soil bicycle ride, buggy ride, paintball, and Rappelling.

 Della Adventure Park in Lonavala is perhaps the best thing to do approach Mumbai and Pune, it has different experience exercises for people just as for gatherings.

 15) Activities at Wet n Joy water park and amusement park

 Wet n Joy Park, two hours away by street from Mumbai and one hour from Pune. Components 25 adrenaline-siphoning rides that are family-accommodating also. The recreation center's feature is the 60,000 square feet wave pool, lodging eight sorts of waves. Buoy down the Crazy River, hurry up at Rain Dance, go for an exciting twist with rides like Nightmare and Cyclone, or sprinkle away at Royal Castle, a monster water station for youngsters.